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On top of providing free estimates for all of our services, we offer the best cleaning service at most competitive cleaning rates in Cape Cod & Martha's Vineyard. 


At Efficient Housekeeping, we pride ourselves on offering personalized cleaning services tailored to your unique needs. Our pricing structure takes into consideration a variety of factors to ensure you receive a comprehensive and customized cleaning experience.

Personalized Pricing for Your Unique Needs


At Efficient Housekeeping, we take pride in delivering personalized cleaning services that cater to your individual requirements. Our reasonable pricing structure is designed to consider a multitude of factors, ensuring you enjoy a thorough and customized cleaning experience. Our pricing is carefully crafted to reflect the unique needs of each client and property.


Factors Influencing Pricing


Understanding that each client, property, and budget is unique, our pricing is meticulously crafted to reflect these individual needs. The determination of our cleaning service prices takes into account factors such as location, square footage, desired level of cleanliness, occupancy and pets, service preferences, special requests, frequency of service, and budget considerations


To further enhance the value we provide, we extend Progressive Discounts for clients opting for bi-weekly, weekly and daily services. 




- Tailored to You: Quality cleaning services considering your specific needs, property details, and budget constraints.

- Comprehensive Considerations: From the size of your space to your desired level of cleanliness, we account for various factors in our pricing strategy.

- Progressive Discounts:** Enjoy added benefits with our Progressive Discounts for regular service intervals

Transparent Pricing & Quality Cleaning Service

For a personalized quote based on your specific needs, please reach out to us. We're here to discuss your preferences, answer any questions, and ensure you receive exceptional cleaning services at a fair price. Contact us now!




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