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This place have been thoroughly clean and 

carefully sanitized for you!

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to take care of your housekeeping needs. The health and safety of our clientele its our top priority and 

your complete satisfaction is very important to us.  

We want to make sure you're happy with the service you received and your housekeeping team benefits from that directly. Therefore a significant bonus is given to the team for every time they earn a positive online review.

A good review is as important as tips: is recognizing their efforts and rewarding those who thrive to provide you an efficient housekeeping experience and a cleaner and healthier space.

Please help us reward the ones who thrive on providing you a good service!  If you are satisfied with the service you've received today, please complete a quickly online review. It's quick, simple and easy!

Just pick the site which is most convenient for you: 

 Google, YelpCare or Facebook 

and write us a review. Can be a brief message or a long one, we love to hear from you!

It’s not necessary to mention your team’s names in your reviews. We know whom to reward  based on your name and the date of the cleaning assignment.

If there is any deficiency with the service your received, please bring it to the attention to the team during the assignment, they most certainly will have it fixed with a smile! If that's not possible, 

please contact our office within 24h at

 and we will make it right with you. 

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us!

Sincerely yours, 

Efficient Housekeeping Team

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