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If you find yourself looking for professional house cleaning service in Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard, look no further than the professional cleaners at Efficient Housekeeping. 

From Edgartown to Oak Bluffs to Vineyard Haven. From Falmouth to Bourne. From Sandwich to Mashpee and Hyannis. Efficient Housekeeping is among the top rated house cleaning companies because we put our client's needs first. We are attentive to detail, flexible to your schedule, and our carefully selected staff is highly trained and capable of adhering to all your housekeeping needs.

Top to bottom, inside and out, we do it all. What's more? Everything from the scheduling to the services themselves is fully customizable.

With our cleaning services at your disposal, you'll have time to focus on matters more important to you and your family.

Enjoy life with the confidence that our place is being cared for by professionals you can rely on and trust.

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Weather you need help with a specific area (i.e. closet, kitchen cabinets) or the whole areas (i.e. garage, basement or the entire house), or if you need help in order to prepare your house for the season (i.e. spring, winter or hollidays), our Professional Organizer will design a service to get your house the way you want at no time!

We are non-judgmental, sensitive to our customer's needs, and fully respect your belongings. 

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


Serving excellent customer service paired with comprehensive and customizable cleaning plan, our spring cleaning team is here for you! 

Our spring cleaning services may include washing all bedding, sofa covers, curtains, interior / exterior window cleaning, cleaning air duct vents and ac filters, scrubbing floors, cleaning the basement, cleaning garage, shed cleaning, mold & mildew removal, outdoor pressure washing like decks, veranda, outdoor shower, outdoor furniture, etc

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


Our house cleaning services are customized at your specific needs at an affordable price.

The frequency of our professional cleaning service is as desired by our clients, from daily to bi-weekly, our efficient housekeeping team delivers best way to keep house clean and healthy. 


Based upon your specifications, our specialist customize a personal organization plan tailored to your specific needs and budget. The frequency is chosen as often as you need- daily, once a week, every other week, or once a month.

The personalized service you receive with us allows you to adapt the Housekeeping Service plan or schedule to your predilection and limit any assignment to a maximum cost.

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


Our team is very proud to provide our clients with affordable, personalized maid cleaning services and we look forward use our expertise to take care of your specific needs.  

With the help of Efficient Housekeeping, you can stop stressing about the state of your home and relax knowing it's in skilled hands. 

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


It can be difficult to host a party and have all the house, food, drinks and yourself looking good and ready.

That is why we offer our help to assist you with anything you need to get the party going-decoration, grocery shopping, food preparation, cleaning the kitchen, serving your clients, bussing the tables, putting away the dishes... 

And if you are not hosting but attending a party, present your hosts with our Gift Certificate that they will be able to use at any time. 

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


If your house will be inhabited for a period of time or season, it needs to be properly cleaned and closed to avoid building up mold, fading fabric and wooden floors, or entry of mice.

A proper cleaning will not only keep your house clean, but also help to avoid and prevent future problems or damages to your property. The complexity of the service provided will be discussed and decided with the property owner to his/her best interest.

For your convenience, in addition to the winterizing cleaning, we can also check if all windows and doors are properly locked, the batteries in your alarm systems are changed, and your patio furniture is properly stored. The full check can be tailored to your specific needs.

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


We are committed to ensure that your pets are fed, cared for, pampered, and receive the care they need while you are away. 

Our service includes daily visits, according to your specific needs to assure your pet's comfort.

moving cleaning cape cod


Moving can be stressful enough without worrying about cleaning up before moving in or cleaning after moving out. Efficient housekeeping is here to take the stress out of moving house. 

For years, our experts have helped new homeowners prepare their property for the move-in day by offering comprehensive indoor and outdoor cleaning, organizing and maintenance services.

From boxing to unboxing, from top-to-bottom deep clean to a quick tidy-up, our cleaners are happy to assist you.

Window Cleaning Cape Cod


Efficient Housekeeping's window cleaning services consistently deliver on quality and efficiency. we're the premier destination for all window washing services in Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard because we put our client's satisfaction first. With our great rates, exceptional results, and high ending cleaning equipment, there's no better choice for window washing services.

Our local team will make sure your windows are clean and pristine, at a price you'll love with the service you won't forget.

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


After you have completed your construction project, debris need tube removed and the site prepared for the next phase of development.

When contractors and builders require competent and swift post-construction cleaning services, they request the expertise of Efficient Housekeeping.

From dust to debris removal to organizing, our Efficient Housekeeping team does it all!

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


If you are like most people, you consider your vehicle an extension of your family or of yourself. Therefore, your vehicle looking it's best at all times is an absolute must!

The challenge is that with our hectic, workaholic society, no one has the time - or the inclination - to maintain their vehicle at it's best.

Because you love your car and choose to let it represent you, Efficient Housekeeping can help by providing you with regular auto cleaning at the convenience of your home for a reasonable price. 

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


Ironing is one of those tasks that some people need help finding time to do. Don't worry, and we're here to help.

This service can be booked individually or together with our weekly or bi-weekly regular house cleaning. 

Our operator in your home performs this service and uses an iron and ironing board. Iron everything from shirts, sheets, towels, pants, skirts, t-shirts, tablecloths, underwear, and even socks.

Property Management Cape Cod

Property Management


Are you finding yourself not able to attend to all your home care needs? No worries. Let our expertise customize a management plan for your property specific needs.

Efficient Housekeeping provides a comprehensive peace of mind caretaking and home management services for your property with the utmost of care, as part of our full service commitment to our clients.

From winterizing to opening, we can address anything our clients' need. We can receive deliveries, assemble furnitures, perfrom handyman projects or even turn on or take your vehicles in for service at your request.

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


Our goal is to provide a personalized, smooth, stress-free experience in every area of your life. 

We take care of the details of household management, lifestyle management, grocery shopping, vacation planing, etc by providing personalized services to our clients 

Our prime focus is to provide a smooth and stress-free experience in every aspect of your life!

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