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Efficient HouseKeeping
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Wondering how much it will cost? Contact us now! 

Hiring Efficient Housekeeping's Maids Services is simple, effective and affordable.

You may schedule a on-site quote or get an estimate over the phone. It's free and there’s no obligation.

The personalized service you receive with us allows you to adapt the Maids Service plan or schedule to your predilection and limit any assignment to a maximum cost.

Based upon your specifications, our specialist customize a maids service plan tailored to your specific needs and budget. The frequency is chosen as often as you need- daily, once a week, every other week, or as needed.

With efficient system, customized service, quality cleaning products, state of the art equipments, extensive experience and environmental consciousness, we make your house cleaner and healthier: the way you want, all at an affordable price.

To request a FREE quote of Maids Service provided by Efficient Housekeeping on Cape Cod & Martha's Vineyard just click on the yellow box below.

Enjoy life with the confidence that our place is being cared for by professionals you can rely on and trust.

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