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Efficient Housekeeping's cleaning services consistently deliver on quality and efficiency.  We're the premier destination for all residential, vacation rental home and local business commercial cleaning services in Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard because we put our client's satisfaction first. With our competitive rates, exceptional results, and high ending cleaning equipment, there's no better choice for cleaning services on Cape & Island.

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"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


Our local team will make sure your windows are clean and pristine, at a price you'll love with the service you won't forget.

Contact us now and optimize the cleanliness of your home with our Window Cleaning Services. We deliver the best results to you. 


While it is all-too-easy to overlook, your tiles, grout and floors are notorious for harboring dirt and bacteria that can be harmful to your heal, specially in wet areas like kitchen and bathrooms.

Mold is one the most dangerous and silent enemy of your home.

If there are dark spots on your ceiling, wood work or furniture, this is sure a sign of mold growth. When left unchecked, can have serious impact on both your quality of life, causing coughing, sneezing or trouble breathing and damaging your home's physical structure like walls and floors.

 If you see or feel signs of mold, or suspect that it has infected your home, our specialists are here to help remediate the problem and prevent long-term damage.


That's is your best option when you want a deep cleaning, sanitizing and desinfecting surfaces or areas areas like kitchen, bathrooms and floors, avoiding the use of bleach or harsh chemicals, for the safeguard of your home and family. You will be simply amazed at how easy, fast and effective steam cleaning really is.


If you are looking to deep clean your kitchen or bathroom space, deep cleaning your floors should be a priority.

Deep Cleaning your house, including floors, tile and grout, will allow you to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your home, and maximize the lifespan of these materials too.

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


Your home isn't healthy untill your carpet is clean!

And by clean we mean the carpet must be  wash at least once every 6 to 12 months. 

If you have pets or children, however, your carpet may need of stain removal and require a thorough cleaning more frequently. 

Luckly Efficient Housekeeping is equipped to provide the carpet cleaning service that you need at an affordable price.

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


Pressure washing your home is a smart investment. It increases the value of your property and gives your home 'like new' curb appeal. It also helps control or eliminate algae and mold, artillery fungus, lichens, moss and more.

Efficient Housekeeping power washing services include but are not limited to:

Siding Pressure Washing

Furniture Pressure Washing

Deck Pressure Washing

Concrete Pressure Washing

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


After you have completed Contruction at your property, debris need to be removed and the site needs to be prepare for the next phase of development.

when contractors, builders and homeowners require competent and skilled post construction cleaning services they request the expertise of Efficient Housekeeping.

From debris removal to dusting and wipe down, our Contruction cleaning crew does it all

"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


"Cleaning Services", "Cape Cod", "Martha's vineyard", "MAIDS", "HOUSE CLEANING", "EFFICIENT HOUSEKEEPING"


If you are like most people, you consider your vehicle an extension of your home or of yourself. 

Therefore, your vehicle looking it's best at all times is an absolute must!

The challenge is that with our hectic, workaholic society, no one has the time - or the inclination - to maintain their vehicle at it's best.

Efficient Housekeeping can help by providing you with regular auto cleaning at the convenience of your home for a reasonable price.

Enjoy life with the confidence that our place is being cared for by professionals you can rely on and trust. 


Contact us now!

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